Peanuts Inspection Conveyor / Groundnut Inspection Conveyor

The Peanuts Inspection Conveyor is suitable for inspection and potential labor-intensive removal of inappropriate pieces of products and food items of inferior quality and is also suitable for conveying goods from one place of the production line to another. Frequently, these inspection conveyors are used as a part of various production and manufacturing lines and operate for the transfer, inspecting, and sorting of products like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other nuts. Additionally, they can also be used within the production line for conveying and inspection of fruits such as pears, apples, and peaches, also various vegetables, and berries. All parts of the conveyor system except the conveyor belt are manufactured from Stainless Steel which is perfectly suitable for the food industry. And the belts of these Groundnut Inspection Conveyors are manufactured using non-toxic materials so that it does not affect the quality and the smell of the product inspected by the conveyor systems. One of the reasons clients get attracted by these conveyors is that they can control the speed of the belt through a frequency converter. The main feature of these systems is the high flexibility of the system they can be adjusted as per the application requirement, and they are movable as they comprise wheels.  

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