PVC Conveyor Belt for Frozen Food Products

With our rich industrial experience, we deliver PVC Conveyor Belt for Frozen Food Products with a structured sliding side with a reversed pyramid pattern finish. These products are accessible in diverse shapes, sizes and dimensions and we offer these products in a well-organized manner. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) conveyor belts are standard belts in the food industry that can be used for basic applications across food processing and handling. Our range of Frozen Food PVC Conveyor Belts is extensively used for conveying already depth frozen food, vegetables, carrots, fruits etc. All these frozen food products are available in varied shapes, sizes and dimensions and we offer the efficient for this purpose PVC conveyor belt.

PVC has grown to become the third most widely produced plastic, known for its durability and ease of use.

These products are extensively known for their efficiency and we offer these products with diverse salient features to our clients. These products are custom made and are designed as per the client’s demand. A high degree of knowledge is crucial to the success of new conveyor lines and equipment in a manufacturing environment with a temperature range of -40° to 32° F. We are selecting the PVC for frozen food industry as there is the risk of food sticky to the surface of machinery, due to the extremely low temperatures that reach during processing, and which may lead to easily imagined hygienic problems. Besides this, PVC conveyor belts for the frozen food industry must be very sturdy, since they operate at constant very low temperatures.