Modular conveyor belt for Seafood Industry

Seafood Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We supply the right Modular Conveyor Belts for Seafood Industry. Fish must be processed and delivered as quickly as possible in order to maintain its freshness. We can deliver a huge range of logistics solutions for each phase in the production process, including cutting, marinating, weighing, coating with breadcrumbs , freezing and packing. With our conveyors, you can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs in the processing of fish.

As in seafood industry hygiene and food safety plays an important role, due to unpacked products which come in contact with conveyor belts and processing machines, cleanliness of the production environment that has to be optimal. We are offering the Conveyor belts which is reliable at low temperatures and in combination with moisture and dirt. They must be oil and grease resistant and – in particular when catching and processing crustaceans and shellfish mechanically strong. To guarantee food safety and hygiene.

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