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Meat & Poultry Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Industrial food processing, particularly delicate meat processing needs modern technology and specialised conveyor belts capable of meeting today's primary challenges. Our meat conveyor belts are tailored for meat factories, procedures, and yield. Our meat conveyor belts meet with the most recent sanitary designs. All of our meat industry conveyor belts increase cleaning efficiency and machine usage, with the ultimate goal of supplying safe food at a reasonable price.

Conveyor belts are crucial in all of these elements since they come into close touch with unwrapped food throughout the majority of the food manufacturing process. With this in mind, we provide a diverse selection of conveyor and processing belts, allowing clients to select the optimal solution for each application. Our meat conveyor belt systems are compliant with all applicable food contact laws (FDA and EU), and certain products are also USDA Meat & Poultry compliant.

Omtech Food Engineering provides a comprehensive variety of belting solutions for all production processes in the meat and poultry industries, including cutting, deboning, trimming, grading, dressing, breading, frying, chilling, weighing, slicing, portioning, shrink-wrapping, labelling, and packing.

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