Conveyor Belts For Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Our conveyor Belts for vegetables and fruits achieve advanced cleanliness with an easy-to-clean surface that streamlines the sanitation procedure. Smooth, homogenous conveyor belts for fruits and vegetables with no moving components prevent pathogenic contamination from forming in niches that harbour hazardous organisms. Solid belts that lack fabric layers absorb water, delaminate, and serve as a breeding ground for contaminants. Solid the shock of fragile falling product is softly absorbed by the flexible material. Our unique substance is resistant to the severe impacts of natural acidity generated by raw food. There is no breaking or distortion of the conveyor belt's top surface for vegetables and fruits transfer.

We provide a large selection of customised impression top surfaces for non-stick and high-grip applications. Custom thermo-welded fabrications and simple onsite installation or repair are also available at Omtech Food Engineering. Our high-quality food-industry conveyor belts, particularly developed for fruits and vegetables, significantly minimise noise levels.

We can lower the cost of ownership of conveyor belts for the fruits and vegetable sector by at least 50% through enhanced longevity, significant water savings, and reduced maintenance and downtime on essential workstations.

conveyor belts for fruits and vegetables
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