Conveyor Belts for Dairy Industry

Conveyor Belt For Dairy Plant

Producing and processing milk and dairy products such as cheese and butter needs highly complex manufacturing conditions and specialised conveyor belts. Initially, stainless steel metallic belts were employed, however they got distorted owing to the weight of the biggest cheeses and had maintenance issues. Furthermore, there were issues with the product's ultimate quality because the friction of the metallic belts on the sliding surface, even when it was plastic, generated a type of black paste owing to the presence of animal oil, which discoloured the goods and caused them to be rejected by quality control.

Our customised conveyor belts for the dairy sector have demonstrated in several installations that nothing like this occurs when our plastic modular belts are used. They achieve unrivalled performance in brine pools, presses, mould elevating conveyors, and any conveyor required in the manufacturing process. When it comes to cleanliness and dependable production, Omtech Food Engineering can check all the boxes in the dairy sector, from coagulating the milk to portioning, filling, and packing the completed goods, by employing the proper conveyor belts for milk products.

conveyor belt for dairy industry
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Special and customized conveyor belts with very good release characteristics, incision-proof conveyor belts that are easy to clean, special trouble belts for coagulation, and conveyor belts with fray-free edges, belt edge sealing, and homogeneous belt bodies are some of the conveyor belts for the dairy and cheese industry that Omtech offers.We can provide conveyor belts for all dairy sectors, including butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, yoghurt, and cream.