Conveyor Belts For Chocolate & Confectionery

Modular Infeed Conveyor for Chocolate Industry

Raw ingredients, which are frequently in powder form, are turned into completely packaged goods at candy factories. The procedure, which mostly takes place on conveyor belts, entails a shift in characteristics from, instance, dry powders to sticky confectionary like chocolates and confectionery. Products can be cut into individual pieces during the process, and each step, including harsh cuts with thin knife-edges and a shift in product and environmental temperature, necessitates the use of particularly specialised conveyor belt types.

Conveyor belts that transport confectionery items, notably curved conveyor belts, are frequently outfitted with sides. Our trained distributors are in charge of fabricating the conveyor belts and installing the sidewalls. Omtech provides complete, high-quality rolls that are sturdy and ravel-free, as well as constructed to the greatest standards.

conveyor belts for chocolate industry
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We offer a wide selection of TPU and polyester belts that can endure low temperatures while keeping great longitudinal flexibility for working on knife edge applications for chocolate bathing outlets and cooling tunnels. Our thermoplastic polyurethane TPU belts work well as chocolate machine conveyor belts. Even our PU belts function very well in cooling tunnels for carrying cold and non-sticky dough.