Conveyor Belt for Green Vegetable Processing Plant

Our company produces a full range of Conveyor Belts for Green Vegetable Processing Plant from simple conveyor to complex automated conveyor systems. Specializing in the production of conveyors for the food industry, we can offer you a standard equipment or to develop a conveyor with your specification. Advanced cleanliness is achieved with our conveyor belts for vegetables through easy to clean surface that simplifies the sanitation process. We are offering our customers with a huge range of special impression top surfaces for non-stick or high grip applications.

Omtech quality conveyor belts for the food industry specifically designed for vegetable processing plant greatly reduce the noise level. We can even reduce the cost of the conveyor belts for vegetable by at least 40 to 50% through superior lifetime, great water savings, less maintenance and downtime on critical work stations. With belts and accessories designed to meet the specific needs of vegetable processing and packaging applications, Omtech is committed to helping customers achieve their operational and business goals. We manufacture the belts that have been inherently designed to be maintenance free