Conveyor Belt for Dehydrated Food Processing Plant

Food Dehydration Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We are successfully meeting the varied requirements of our clients by providing the best quality range of Conveyor belt for dehydrated food processing plant. To assure about the quality, we stringently check all the belts on certain well-defined parameters. We are offering the belts that are approved for direct contact with food products and are highly durable as well as efficient. These offered Conveyor Belts are designed and made on the basis of absorbing and digesting abroad machine. The equipment is meets the requirements of food hygiene regulations, automatic constant temperature control, and the parts exposed to food are made of stainless steel.

According to the proportion of the dried objects, the stackable feature, the drying time water content, the drying temperature, the available space for the equipment, to find out the length of each layer of the conveyor belt and the number of layers essential to establish the size of the equipment.

Conveyor belt for dehydrated food processing plant

The object to be dried is fed from the uppermost first layer of the feeding section, and can be matched with the vibration feeder or the blade type leveler before the feeding, and the dried material is evenly laid on the mesh belt. After that, it is turned down from the upper layer to the next layer, which can be loosened, separated or turned over. With the involved dehydration process efficiently removing the majority of water present in fruits or vegetables, some of the processes that are part of dehydration process include pre-drying treatment like size selection, peeling and color preservation, drying using artificial methods and post-dehydration treatment like sweating, inspection and packaging.

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