Antimicrobial Conveyor Belts

Antimicrobial Conveyor Belts Manufacturer

We provide a comprehensive choice of Antimicrobial belting that retains the well-known features of standard Food Grade belts while focusing on cleanliness in the food processing sector. Our Antimicrobial belting collection employs non-migrating materials and silver ion technology. The belt has been shown to be safe for human touch and effective against a wide range of microorganisms.

The AntiMicrobial coverings are tainted-free, fulfil top Food Grade standards, and there is no additive migration. All of the migration tests comply with FDA regulations. According to the standards of the EC regulation, antimicrobial belts are acceptable for contact with watery, acidic, and fatty products.

Anti-microbial belting series
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The Anti-microbial belting series, with closed belt edges, will assist to keep the belt cleaner and decrease bacteria build-up on the belt surface. Of course, keeping and enhancing cleaning methods is critical.

Antimicrobial conveyor belts will help with:

  • Lowering the numbers caused by bacterial development on the belt
  • Putting procedures in place
  • Improving Hygiene
  • Bacterial growth inhibition